The dry breaks

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The wind caught the nightdress as she stepped outside and the rain on the tin verandah drowned out the noise inside her mind. She slowly made her way down the steps of the old house and let her fingers trail along the wooden banisters that led to the rock path now glistening in the moonlight.

The mopoke was quiet and no crickets could be heard as the soles of her feet absorbed the warmth from the sun still left in the large sandstones, guiding her to the small gateway. There she fell on the grass and let it weave through her fingers as she turned her face to the sky. The dark soil beneath had a life of its own as the water filled the inch wide cracks and brought the promise of new life in every seed hidden from sight. With every large drop that fell and then slid silently down her cheek she willed it to fill the large empty cracks in her soul that had been breaking wider like the cracks in the rich dark soil.

A huge wet nose was placed on her shoulder and gave a caring whimper. Jake wrapped his brindle form around his mistress and sat with her, knowing. The full moon burst from behind a cloud and the horses thundered down the hill enjoying the cool, as she laid her head onto the big chest, his heart bounced in her ear and she knew that tomorrow would offer some hope.

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